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Summer's Litter (British Shorthair Munchkin)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Meet our adorable litter from Summer and Master Fluff.

Currently available in Canada!

Male Non-Standard shorter than average.

Light Brown Tabby


Congratulations Huda! Heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Female Rughugger

Calico Grey Tabby (Big soft orange spot on the back of her head)


Congratulations Billy! This sweet girl has a new home in Toronto Ontario!

A reminder...

Munchkins with the dwarfism gene have 3 different leg length categories. Rughugger being the smallest with tiny legs, Super-short being the next smallest with very short legs, and Standard is best described as an unusually short cat. Non-Standard munchkins are the same leg length as a regular cat as they do not inherit the dwarfism gene.

Our kittens come with their first vaccinations, dewormer, a birth certificate with your name of choice, our adoption contract, a gift package and a bag of food (to local deliveries as we cannot fly food with the airline).

We encourage you to ask any questions you might have!

The following pics are of the parents. Mom is purebred British Shorthair and dad is Persian Rughugger. The kitten is another kitten from a previous litter from this adorable couple.

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