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Jelly beans of happiness ~


What we're all about.

"Canadian Munchkins" isn't just a name, it's a family. Comprised of several different households, we work together to make sure our king and queens have wonderful homes where they receive the love and attention they deserve. In turn, we provide our kittens with a jump start in life. Giving them one-on-one handling and care in order to give them the best possible kittenhood. No cages, no captives.

We are committed to excellent communication and support for all our adoption families.

Meet Our Family

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Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse

A Message From Our Canadian Munchkins Families

"Canadian Munchkins, as we call ourselves, is a family owned and operated organization working together to produce properly cared for kittens for families and individuals such as yourself!"

Summers' House

"We pride ourselves on our multiple-household system, which enables us to provide proper care and attention for each and every kitten. This sets us apart from other breeders. No cages, no pens, no captives, just pets!"

Master Fluffs' House

"Our Queens are our first priority. After all, a kingdom cannot thrive without a well loved queen!

Whisps' House

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